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Last supper tattoo done by Chente rios

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Chente rios tattoos

To me, the best thing about skulls is their longevity. In recent years, artists like Chente Rios have been taking the colorless game to a whole new level. Sharing his artwork with the world: She is born and raised in Los Angeles and grew up around classic cars, bikes, tattoos, music, art, LA lifestyle since the beginning. Chente mastered the craft of Bic Pen drawing while in lockdown, and now his drawings grace the pages of Arte to share with the world. Props such as hats, horns, bandanas, sunglasses, joints, cigarettes, and roses can add personality and character. Croix where he tattooed the majority of her arm in 5 hours. Eyeballs bring out instant life to anything; they turn a shell like skull into something living and breathing as it stares back at you. For that matter, some of the best tattoos have a serious feminine twist to them. Chente rios tattoos

Chente rios tattoos

Chente rios tattoos

Chente rios tattoos

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  1. He saw in her as a serious woman focused on drawing and learning the craft. But making money and finding a way to make a living with fine art and streetwear was difficult. Christina Ramos is right there at the top of L.

  2. She went out to his shop in St. I got my start as a tattoo artist during a stint in the California prison system in the mid-nineties.

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