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The Truth about Infatuation (and How to Get over Infatuation)How can I fight off feelings of infatuation?


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How To Stop Thinking About Someone (Forget Someone You Love)

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How to overcome infatuation

The common pitfall is to only engage with your "special person" while intoxicated at parties. This concept is supported by neuroscience; there is nothing like real-life exposure when it comes to getting over an infatuation, as it forms new brain pathways that are completely separate to the horribly obsessive ones that you've been cultivating for months. Pay attention to that. Charity fund-raising is just another version of that exchange. Why have you given him so much control over your life? Looking around, it might seem like everyone else is happily dating someone and you may jealously wonder if they feel this intensely, painfully and strongly about their partner. There's a duality to infatuation: One is about someone else, the other is about you. To do this, simply start practicing living in the moment, being observant and paying attention to details. The way that we experience romance is intense; when infatuation is unrequited or impossible we typically feel like we're losing a soulmate and missing out on a truly authentic existence. How to overcome infatuation

How to overcome infatuation

How to overcome infatuation

How to overcome infatuation

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