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Shameless Karen Jamie S5 E11

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Shameless karen and joe football

The other members of the Maguire Family soon soured on Joe when they found out he was beating Mandy. When she returns to the Gallagher home, Norma tells them that she's willing to contribute a quarter of her wages in return for living there. Later, Mimi and Kelly almost come to blows over Shane, when Kelly tells Mimi that she should more concerned about Paddy, confessing that he is addicted to Heroin. Karen gave birth to a son, Connor Maguire but the stress of his paternity and guilt over her affair, combined with the stress of the recent death of her best friend Mandy, lead her to strange behaviour that was revealed to be Bipolar Disorder. He runs over to Ady and screams "yeah" as a whip noise is heard. Scared for her safety after admitting the affair, Karen prepared to leave for her new life with Joe. Shameless karen and joe football

Shameless karen and joe football

Shameless karen and joe football

Shameless karen and joe football

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