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Caring for Newborn Baby RabbitsHow to Take Care of an Abandoned Baby Rabbit


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how to care baby rabbits

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How to care for baby rabbits

Learn about common rabbit diseases to look out for at our Rabbit Health section. Pull the nest box out of the cage and scoop most of these out. At this age, they may explore the world outside of the nest but return there to sleep. Any longer than about 18 days, and the chance of "nest box eyes" rises significantly. Keep your dogs on a leash with you if you see a rabbit nest. This little doe-kit was 15 days old when she hopped out of the nest box. Without a little attention, an eye infection can cause blindness, even death if severe. How to care for baby rabbits

How to care for baby rabbits

How to care for baby rabbits

How to care for baby rabbits

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  1. For those who are slow to learn nursing, SC fluids may be necessary to prevent electrolyte imbalance or dehydration check with a vet on this only!! Cardboard castles are great because rabbits spend hours chewing new windows and doorways.

  2. Terramycin opthalmic ointment works wonders for nest box eye. If this is a wild baby bunny that you are caring for, try to get in touch with a local wildlife rehabilitation center, which can care for the bunny and reintroduce it to the wild.

  3. Feed only with the bunny sitting UPRIGHT, and point syringe down towards bottom or side of mouth, so if too much comes out, the baby does not aspirate!

  4. Two weeks old: If your dog disturbs a nest, or you find a wild bunny with his eyes open, please put him back if not injured. Knowing the type of bed you should make your bunny and what kind of food the baby bunny should eat is important because doing both of these properly will increase the newborn's chances of surviving without its mother.

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