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10 Scariest Video Games Ever MadeThe 13 scariest video game moments ever


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The scariest video game ever

The situation and your actions really make you think about what your life and that of others are really worth. Each requires parts that are scattered about the level, randomly placed each time you start a new match. Fatal Frame Release Date: As the player, you are equipped with melee combat weapons, usually a sword or dagger. The scariest video game ever

The scariest video game ever

The scariest video game ever

The scariest video game ever

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  1. Sony If nothing else, the monster designs should have you open-mouthed with something between terror and awe. By the end of the game, if the player was not paying close attention, could be entirely lost as to the meaning of the ending and why one choice seemed to be preferred over the other. Oh, and you also have to maintain your sanity.

  2. This is an early game from Rockstar, and remarkably, it still holds up under the test of time. You would not want to be a Downer, now would you?

  3. These supplies help you gain skills like a larger vision cone , better weapons that need constant maintenance , and reinforcements so that whatever is hiding in the night will have less of a chance to eat you.

  4. Fatal Frame has one main mechanic that has since been unmatched in other horror games, your Camera Obscura.

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