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Top 10 Spirits to Sneak Into a Football Game in Your Flask4 Flask-Worthy Cocktails to Sip All Summer


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The Hip Flask Guide - Gentleman's Gazette

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Best liquor to put in a flask

Johnny Walker Red Label 7. And by "whiskey," I mean Jack Daniel's. Otherwise, is a good suggestion since rum plays well with most mixers. Stainless steel flask with leather cover But stainless steel, with a good combination of hygiene, price, and resistance to deformation, is the material of choice for hip flasks. The flask, that little secret hidden away from public view, is perhaps one of the great unsung fashion accessories a man can carry. They may also be purchased separately and I strongly recommend you to have one. Best liquor to put in a flask

Best liquor to put in a flask

Best liquor to put in a flask

Best liquor to put in a flask

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4 thoughts on “Hip Flask or Coat Flask?

  1. You're a man with a hip flask, not a water pistol! Also, if you carried a flask, you were dubbed a vial villain, a gentleman from Kentucky or my favorite, suffering from hip disease.

  2. I'm a Squire, after all. A good sip without a cigar will be a half pleasure, something to be avoided, especially in a nice and relaxing place such as the hill you have just conquered after a difficult path, looking at a great and sunny landscape.

  3. Where to carry a flask You have two options as to where to carry your flask. Good quality scotch is great for a hip flask as you don't need to chug it down - you get the perfect 'nip' every time.

  4. Just don't go the low-grade, JD-type route. Around this time, the watch and the hip flask traded places: That said, if you're willing to spend a few very few extra bucks, go with Knob Creek, as others have mentioned.

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