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Marshall Islands22 Things to Know Before You Go: The Marshall Islands


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Marshallese girls

Restricted speech genres were also used to interact with those of highest rank. One's position as a member of a village segment, a village, a district, and an atoll are important elements of identity, and one's position in a religious organization, a Christmas—time song-fest group, a handicraft and mat manufacturing circle, or a sailing group may be of equal importance. One should not walk in front of, upwind of, or elevate one's head Nuclear test bunker in the Bikini Atoll. International nongovernmental organizations are highly visible, particularly Greenpeace and others concerned with nuclear-related issues. Stable couples have typically resided for a period of time on lands of one of the couple's parents, have established ancestral status with the birth of one or two children, and have become recognized members of the community. Once a couple has a stable relationship divorce is infrequent, though not prohibited. Females also control the domestic sphere and are associated with activities in the village, while men work in the bush lands away from the village and travel freely to foreign countries. Marshallese girls

Marshallese girls

Marshallese girls

Marshallese girls

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  1. During World War II, when the country served as a Japanese base, Allied forces bombed the outer islands for 75 straight days. All residents speak Marshallese, an Austronesian language that shares numerous affinities with other Pacific languages, particularly those of eastern Micronesia.

  2. People often rely on their atolls of birth and residence to ground their identities, but a cohesive identity is forming.

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