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Native South Americans

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Inion hook

Thanks Jim. Log in to Reply Ron Anselmo July 6, at Large scale grain farming? If the streets ever get crazy with these assholes, you can be sure that they will be targets of the moderates. Stock markets? If we can survive Trump and the cabal of utter monstrosities that he gave us, then who knows? Inion hook

Inion hook

Inion hook

Inion hook

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  1. The grain supersonic ammo will have more energy and momentum than a 5. Yes, they tend towards the ectomorphic and even physically flawed. Log in to Reply Lonely Traveler July 6, at 2:

  2. But the real world is much too complex for any one person to understand, so we make simplifications. A one-man wrecking crew almost single-handedly handled Antifa, and these same defenders of the First Amendment can be expected to push back against Antifa violence, wherever they show up. Log in to Reply thenuttyneutron July 6, at 4:

  3. The grain supersonic ammo will have more energy and momentum than a 5. And anarchists, for some bizarre reason, always march with the Communists.

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