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Difference between embryonic and adult stem cells

It was known at the time this was a more public issue that ASC had more potential for medicine, but scientist had to poke the eyes of people opposed to ESC research for ethical and scientific reasons. Lack of federal funding? I've enjoyed the conversation. The cells are taken out and grown in a dish, and the two remarkable properties are, number one, they can multiply almost indefinitely, so you can get very large numbers of them. We are NOW on the cutting edge of resorative medicine. The use of adult stem cells and tissues derived from the patient's own adult stem cells would mean that the cells are less likely to be rejected by the immune system. And the two features that I mentioned are both less prominent in adult stem cells. Difference between embryonic and adult stem cells

Difference between embryonic and adult stem cells

Difference between embryonic and adult stem cells

Difference between embryonic and adult stem cells

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