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Living In A Sexless Marriage Broke MeThe Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Sexless Marriage


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What Should I Do If I Find Myself in a Sexless Marriage?

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How to survive a sexless marriage

Treatment options are available and therefore it is important to discuss therapeutic options with your therapist. Sometimes I want to get a divorce or can we have our marriage annulled? How do you think I should handle the situation? We are talking about complete stagnancy of sexual marital intimacy. I certainly do agree that a marriage without sex may experience some challenges and is vulnerable to conflict and promiscuity. Couples need to try making sex more playful and fun to keep their relationships exciting. How to survive a sexless marriage

How to survive a sexless marriage

How to survive a sexless marriage

How to survive a sexless marriage

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  1. You might set goals like focusing on why you fell in love with each other, getting more physical activity together, and keeping up with hygiene and grooming. The intimacy and connection it brings helps me to feel loved and in love.

  2. Dress well and maintain your personal hygiene to attract your spouse. That will provide some of the mental and physical health benefits that result from the positive skin to skin physical interaction.

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