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Date with Kate: the Phelps twinsThe Real-Life Relationships of the Harry Potter Cast


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Fred and George Weasley (the Phelps Twins) Q&A Session [4 of 4]

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Who is james phelps dating

Have the Potter films pigeonholed you in any way? In the movies, he was a Ravenclaw student from Hogwarts who was older than Harry and his friends. The couple are reportedly still together today, and look utterly beautiful together. Over the course of their marriage, the couple brought two beautiful children into the world and lived a happy life. Domhnall Gleeson Bill Weasley Although Bill was a relatively small character in the first few movies — he came to prominence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and truly made a name for himself. John Hurt stepped up to play this role, and was a perfect choice, kindly and elderly, with just a touch of the magical in himself. After all, without her Harry would never have known about the Lost Diadem… Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis dated Just like her on-screen and off-screen pal, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch also managed to bag herself some romantic magic on the set of Harry Potter. He was Head of the Auror Office, and was a real tough cookie, coming up against Harry more than once. As one of the only Hufflepuffs we get to know in the Harry Potter franchise, we were first introduced to his character in The Goblet of Fire. Who is james phelps dating

Who is james phelps dating

Who is james phelps dating

Who is james phelps dating

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  1. Although the moon cycle often affected his livelihood, Lupin soon went on to become one of the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers Hogwarts ever employed. John Hurt as Garrick Ollivander Ollivander is the one and only place for wands of all shapes and sizes in London, right there on Diagon Alley. Although he made some pretty questionable decisions during the Harry Potter franchise, we still have a soft spot for this half-giant.

  2. While he still acts today, the rest of the world tries to determine his relationship status.

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