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Incest Fantasies‘britney spears’ stories


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Free fiction sex stories britney spears

We laid in bed together sucking the her juices off of the dildo. I'll give him a blowjob tomorrow and he'll forget all about it," Britney said as she put her bikini and robe back on. After Steve and Tim left, Mike looked around to see if everything was back in place. According to the bodyguard, part of it was the rapper's chiseled looks, part of it was his verbal dexterity, and a lot of it was that he was hung like a Trojan horse. I didn't say I loved him tho. Instead of breaking kneecaps, he just emotes dirges until the marks guiltily pay up. But she stopped at the bathroom. Oh how I had dreamed of this moment. Britney left something for you in the bathroom," Mike said with a smile, then he left. She stood back up and kissed me. Free fiction sex stories britney spears

Free fiction sex stories britney spears

Free fiction sex stories britney spears

Free fiction sex stories britney spears

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