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Do Kegels really enhance sex?Ask Dr. Ruth: Can Kegel Exercises Make Sex Better for Women?


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Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

Video about how to kegle during sex:

How to kegle during sex

Do abdominal crunches for overall stomach strength. Flex your diaphragm. You can do Kegels during sex! Regularly exercising your vag will also help you more intense contractions during orgasm due to more blood being sent to your pelvic region. And squeezing your love muscles when you're doing the deed with your guy will increase the pleasure for both of you. Kat recommends two different approaches: Strengthening your pelvic floor is supposed to save you from a host of unmentionable health problems. As far as positioning goes, do whatever is comfortable and convenient for you Morse notes that some women prefer lying down. When you feel good about your body — inside and out — it will show in different areas of your life. How to kegle during sex

How to kegle during sex

How to kegle during sex

How to kegle during sex

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  1. Finally, loosen up your pelvis, swiveling your hips as if you were doing the hula. But what no one ever seems mention is the best part:

  2. Doing Kegels helps to tighten your pubococcygeal PC muscle, which is one of the muscles that contracts during orgasm. Toning and stretching the muscles of your abdomen, lower back, and even buttocks can help you better position your pelvis for maximum pleasure.

  3. Practice this over and over again, contracting your pelvic floor while keeping everything else loose, until you can squeeze pelvic muscles on command without tightening anything else.

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