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You Should Definitely Be Having More Sex, Because…


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11 Reasons To Have More Sex

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Reasons to have sex everyday

We have mentioned the increase in estrogen production a few times. After an orgasm both male and female bodies become completely relaxed. This means unprotected sex—with a partner you trust and whose medical history you know, of course—is a literal shot of energy, ladies. Here are just 10 out of the many reasons to have sex every day or at least try. Sex is one way men show love and affection. People who don't get enough sleep have a harder time fighting off bacteria and viruses. Prolactin is higher when we are sleeping so sex and sleep are like best friends. Promotes longevity When one has an orgasm, a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone is released. Reasons to have sex everyday

Reasons to have sex everyday

Reasons to have sex everyday

Reasons to have sex everyday

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  1. Youthful Skin Advertisement Increased blood circulation and a rush of oxygen in the blood means a glowing complexion.

  2. I'm sure this is the fountain of youth that some of our favorite leading ladies are using. Sure, there will be days that one of you isn't excited about it but sex almost always ends well. Sex can help keep a man committed One study found that oxytocin, the hormone responsible for creating feelings of love, is elevated in men after sex, and that oxytocin drives men in committed relationships to stay away from other potential partners.

  3. Make sure to eat energizing whole foods Oysters, blueberries, peanuts, bananas so that you don't lose steam during your workout. Sex also helps reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes. With any luck, these reasons might just be the passkey to getting you and your partner more eager for romance!

  4. This seems to have a lot of benefits for women, including enhancing REM sleep. Sex also helps reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

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