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Books with Strong Female Characters25 of Childhood Literature's Most Beloved Female Characters, Ranked in Coolness


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Girl characters in books

Sure, we wanted to be friends with them back then, but who among kid lit's biggest heroines do we still want to hang around with now that we've grown up? Jo March One of the four sisters from the class Little Women , Jo March is an outgoing gal who hates the fact that she was not born a man. Princess Magnolia loves girly things and being a superhero! She's a total adorably pigtailed package. Stacey is the resident fashionista of the group, and her sparkling and on-trend outfits are enough to rack up a bevy of cool points. Girl characters in books

Girl characters in books

Girl characters in books

Girl characters in books

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  1. Susan Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia series Collectively, the Pevensie children are really cool they go through a wardrobe into a magical world that they are meant to rule, after all , but Susan is still not nearly as cool as her younger sister, Lucy more on her later. Her intellect is apparent from the start, as is her drive to succeed. She wears crazy outfits!

  2. She's loyal to everyone she loves, and she even helps Clara learn how to walk. She is a classic character who isn't afraid to try new things and see where her next journey will take her. Liz is a nice gal, a loyal pal, and a surprisingly mature teenager.

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