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19 Emo Hairstyles For GuysEmo Hairstyles for Trendy Guys – Emo Guys Haircuts


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Long emo hair for guys

Has the emo subculture really changed that much over the years or can you still see traces of its roots and traditions in there? You can experiment with different colors, when flaunting this hairstyle. Beanie it Up! This is one of the emo hairstyles for boy, where the layered hair at the back are pieced, teased and iron flattened, to give a halo and spiky effect. The blue color feather style looks really emotional, where the hair is dyed blue and drawn from the back to the front and tilted, while the other side is combed to bring the hair to the front, covering half of the cheek and full ear. Long emo hair for guys

Long emo hair for guys

Long emo hair for guys

Long emo hair for guys

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  1. The long and asymmetrical bangs cover one of the eyes in what has now become a staple haircut and look for the emo subculture. Usually, streaks are also applied on the hair to add more appeal to the look. As long as you keep the emo shag and add a few lip piercings and a hipster hat, you can move being emo into the 21st century.

  2. Dramatic Bangs Another characteristic that is common for the emo hairstyle is the bangs. Whether you are opting for a spiked, razor cut hair or one that is about chin length, do not forget to have your stylist cut your bangs.

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