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Strict Spanking StoriesThe Princess in Nursing School


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10 TRUE Scary Nurse Stories

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Nurse spanking stories

The realisation that her Landlord had a stiff winkle made her blush as she peeked again over her left shoulder to find his gaze transfixed on the sight of her massive arse squeezed into a too tight uniform that looked as if it would pop at the seams at any minute. He paced out two more strokes just above the one on her thighs and listened as she moaned at the contact of the leather. He slid his fingers in between her lips, she was soaking but tight so he was gentle as he pushed a finger then two into her carmel vagina. James walked into his office. Either the girl was really turned on or she was really trying to do a better job to avoid more punishment. He took a firm grip on her waist, and with a gasp from Kath brought the back of the hairbrush down hard on her full right bottom cheek. Richards tied loops into two of the scarves, and then placed them over her wrists. Nurse spanking stories

Nurse spanking stories

Nurse spanking stories

Nurse spanking stories

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  1. After rearranging her skirt she went back upstairs to Mr. He was clad fully in leather, leather pants, and a leather jacket down to his knees, a waistcoat made of leather and a white shirt with frills around the collar.

  2. The strike was perfectly positioned and no harder than intended. An independent man, he was not used to having to be assisted with all of his daily activities. Makaela knew she was about to get the hardest thrashing of her life, 36 strokes of the strap, 40 with the cane and last the hair brush on the tops of her full thighs.

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