My daughter Alice

My daughter has been acting really strange recently and I can’t pinpoint exactly why. We used to be so close, to the point where she would share things with me that I never even felt comfortable sharing with my mum at her age.  We had a type of mother daughter relationship I never knew existed, but overnight it changed.

I find myself thinking about what has changed in her day to day life which could be the cause of her distance. Nothing has changed at home, both me and her dad are around, relatively stable (as much as any married couple can be) and happy.

I have noticed she keeps talking about a new boy she has met, but she never gives too much away. I have tried to slyly ask questions but all I ever get back is “we are just friends” or “shut up mum”, then I get ignored for the rest of the night. I overheard her talking on the phone a couple of nights ago to her friend, saying how he is so nice to her and the perfect boy. She used to always tell me the names of her boyfriends but begged me not to tell dad (he always said she wasn’t allowed a boyfriend until she was at least 20, typical dad response) , I can’t get in my head what has changed, and why she wont talk to me about this “new guy”.

Maybe, I need to stop worrying?

Want advice?