I hate Alice sometimes…

God knows whats wrong with Alice, she’s been in a really grump since she met this guy called M. I’ve never met the guy but he’s all she talks about, its driving me insane. She’s being really horrible to mum and dad as well and not studying, instead she’s sneaking out and partying. I never did that when I was studying from my GCSE’s good thing I’m off to uni soon, I can’t deal with her mood swings and the slamming of doors. One minute she’s fine the next she’s p***ed off. Its aways when she looks at her phone.

The other day I caught her having a fag out her bedroom window before our folks came home, if they found out they’d go mad. Theres a weird smell in her room too, so I think she’s doing pot as well. Bl**dy idiot. Its well obvious, at least use air freshener! LOL.

I think she’s skipping school, as she’s been taking a bigger backpack to school which I swear has extra clothes in. I’d love to squeal on her. I’ve also noticed her taste in music has changed -I don’t know who she’s trying to impress but she looks like a d**k. Since when has she been into R&B!?!? She used to love Metalcore. Either way I’m pass caring, she ignores me most the time anyway. She’s going flunk her GCSEs our folks are going be furious!


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