The party

Dear Diary, so you know that guy I met at the school gates? Well, he didn’t bl**dy call me. Oh well, I haven’t seen him at the gates since. Ba***rd. I was all ready to hate him when he turned up at my mates party!  I ignored him for the majority of the night and have no idea who he came with. It was a proper heavin house party. My mates folks are gonna be ped when they see the mess! LOL. Some really good tunes and loads of drinking. I think they even raided the drinks cabinet. We were drinking all kinds of s**t from their top shelf. Some of the bottles were so old they had a layer of dust on them!

Anyway, while I was taking a breather outside on the patio, that guy M, came up to me and put his arms around my waist. The bl**dy cheek. He’s so hot I let him and listened to his feeble excuse for not calling me. Apparently something to do with his sick mum. I smoked my first fag tonight I couldn’t resist him, he’s soooooooo cute. I love his voice and he calls me Little A. We joked that putting our nicknames together would make AM, as in the early hours, which was what it was when we stopped chatting.

We chatted about everything, I felt so comfortable with him. He was a really good listener. I talked about my folks being really stingy with their money and not giving me any dough. That I always felt claustrophobic around them and the pressure on me to do well in my GCSEs. I hate studying and I would rather be out partying or creating YouTube videos. Sometimes I really hate my folks. M didn’t really talk about his mum. He said that he dropped out of college because he found it too dull. He wants to travel the world and is on a gap year at the moment.

Sounds like a plan to me, I’d love to get out of this dump of a town. All my mates walked off at the party because I was spending too much time with M. Screw them.

M offered to take me home as he wasn’t drinking, something about taking his mum to the doctors tomorrow. He wanted a clear head. This made me sure that he liked me as he was sober when we chatted. He dropped me off at the end of my road, as I didn’t want curtain twitchers spying on us. I really wanted him to kiss me, but only got a measly peck on the cheek. 😦 I hope I haven’t put him off. He said he would definitely hook up with me next week. Oh well -Lets see what happens.

Little A x


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