Building bridges

I went home this weekend and somehow ended up spending some time with Alice. It was like being with the old Alice, my lil sis, before all of the crap happened. We listened to some metalcore together and I told her about getting a band together at uni. She said she’d come and see me sometime, although then she seemed to go a bit quiet. She does that a lot now. Then I made a dumbass comment about drum and bass. As soon as I said it I wanted to give myself a good kicking, she looked so sad. Spending time with her made me see she’s not thick at all, I wish I could have seen that sooner.

I had a really good talk with Dad, he said he was sorry that he and Mum hadn’t had much time for me recently. We’re going to sort out a lads night out, have a curry and beer, kinda sad to have a lads night with your Dad but if he’s paying…

I think only now I realise how bad things must have got for Alice. It’s not her fault that this happened.

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