So every time I go home from uni, Alice is there looking miserable. I go into a room and she’s there with Mum. She looks like she’s been crying and they both shut up when I’m there. I know she’s had a really sh*t time but it really feels like I’m invisible at the moment. All Mum and Dad care about is Alice this and Alice that. And I know it’s horrible but I sorta feel like this is all her fault anyway. This wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t lied and decided to go along with everything that pervert told her. I mean is she stupid or what?

There’s no one for me to talk to. My mates would probably tell me she had it coming. Or tell me to go and beat up this guy. I would but Dad gets really lairy when I ask him what we’re going to do about it.

Just sometimes I want to talk about stuff that’s going on with me but why bother? Mum and Dad haven’t got time for me on top of Alice’s problems.

Want advice?