Second date

Dear Diary, so M took forever to text me. I sent him one after the party and he made me wait three whole days before he came back. I mean like what??!! But when he did text he made me feel so special – like no one else does. My friends have all been on one at me, well when they do bother to talk to me. They don’t really understand because they’ve never been in love. They’re all just children. M understands me. I wish my parents would get out of my face. Mum is like ‘we don’t talk any more? what’s going on? Who’s M?’. I’m not going to tell her anything about him, she obviously doesn’t understand.She was probably a nun before she met my dad. Lol.  She thinks she can rule my life.  Not giving me money and stuff like that – I need it for my fags and booze!!!!!!

Anyway I snuck out the other night. I know it’s a bit dodgy, but M was there to meet me. It did feel a bit scary as I had to dive out the front door when Mum and Dad weren’t looking. My brother nearly saw me too, that wouldn’t be good after he caught me having a fag. He’s such a f***ing blue eyed boy, so perfect coz he’s going to uni soon. But everything was alright when I was with M, he gave  me a big hug and just listened to me. We did loads of stuff, he was a little bit rough but that’s how it is isn’t it? We got carried away.

M said I had to promise that we’d meet again soon, but that I wasn’t to tell anyone about it. He gave me a stunner of a necklace – I’m going to wear it 4eva.

Anyway I think I got away with it. I hope he texts me again soon… Little A xoxoxox

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