What’s going on? A Dad’s perspective

I keep telling my wife it’s just a phase. She’s a teenager, right, and she’s going to be sullen sometimes. But there is this boy and she’s really secretive about it all. I know Alice doesn’t want me to know about him – she says he’s just a friend – but if he was just a friend I’m sure she wouldn’t jump to attention like she does every time he sends a message. Not being funny, but I’d like to check him out and make sure he’s worthy of my baby girl. Give him a bit of advice on what happens to him if he messes things up – you know what I mean? But there’s no chance of that, she’ll barely let us near her when she’s texting him, let alone meet him.

Mind you the other day something weird happened. I went to give her a hug, we always hug: I’m her Dad! But she kind of jumped and pulled away as if she didn’t want me anywhere near her; like it was wrong to hug. It’s hard to believe this is my little girl – she always used to run up to me when I got home from a hard day at work.

So now I’m wondering if her mum is right, that something is wrong…

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