Darkness (Adam’s diary)

Met up with my couga tonight. She’d bought me these top trainers that I wanted –mustve talked about them when we first met. Gave me some drugs too. They were some sh*t hot drugs – messed with my head. She has a sweet body and we soon got it on. Things got weird cant remember how it happened, one minute we were at it, the next she punched me. Think she burnt me with her cigarette as well. Got lots of marks around my body. This morning I have purple marks around my neck – did she try to strangle me?? Or maybe i did it – they were some heavy drugs. I think somebody else was there. I cant really remember when I try to remember my brain just seems dark. Need to handle my sh*t better next time, don’t wanna lose my way in to get drugs and stuff.

S, my foster carer, went nuts when I got home. Think she thinks Im in some kind of gang. Let her think it.

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