Wrong (Adam’s diary)

Went to meet up with my couga last night, things got really weird. She wanted to meet at the train station, when I got there there was some guy, said he was her brother. Said she was working a bit later and sent him to pick me up and take me to her house. Dont normally just get in anyones car but they seemed cool, said they had some drugs and stuff and we could hang until she got home. Got a text from my girl and she backed it all up.

We got back there and they had some serious drugs. Wasnt too sure if im honest but didn’t want to not join in. Had already had some booze too so I probably wasn’t too sharp. Lost the rest of that evening, woke up and found I had nothing on below. That sh*t better not have happened. Whatever floats your boat but I aint into that.


Just got a text. Theres some photos and i wanna sick all my insides out. If these get out, I will definitely be moving to a new school again. Wtf do I do??????

Want advice?