My first meeting with M

I’m proper in lust!! Walking home from school today I saw a guy in his car outside the school gates. He’s gorgeous!! I’ve never seen him before, he must be someones brother….or boyfriend! As I walked past him, he caught my eye and I could tell he was watching us. Hubba Hubba! I must find out who he is. I asked all the girls in my group and they don’t know who he is either. Hopefully I’ll see him hanging around again. Brightened up my otherwise s**t day. Getting butterflies just thinking of him. He had gorgeous eyes.

Alice x


OMGosh! The following week he was back at the gates sat in his car, he called me over and asked for a light. I don’t smoke but didn’t want to stop chatting so got a lighter off one of my mates. She was well jealous that I was talking to the hottie. He asked for my number….OMG. So I gave it to him and my Snapchat details. His name is M – Thats what his mates call him, more like Mmmmmmmmmm. I really hope he texts me.


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